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Copyright and Disclaimer


The information contained in the PAN Germany's OISAT Info is owned by the Pestizid Aktions-Netzwerk e.V. (PAN Germany), based in Hamburg, Germany. Any text may be copied, summarized or translated into a local language for the purpose of training, extension and research. For these purposes, the information in the OISAT Info is considered as public property contributing to pesticide reduction and promoting sustainable and organic agriculture. Information from OISAT Info may not be used for commercial purposes.

The graphs used by OISAT are the copyright of the owner –- unless otherwise stated –- and require approval for usage. Particularly the use of graphs related to the OISAT Info website and the use of the logo and buttons require the permission of the Pestizid Aktions-Netzwerk e.V. (PAN Germany).

In the case of a violation of a copyright or other right through the site operator, the site operator will be informed so that the violation can be cleared immediately.

We have laid links with carefully selected web sites. We have however, no influence on the contents of these web sites. Only the operators alone of the linked web sites are responsible for the contents.

The assize court of Hamburg has ruled with its judgment from 12 May 1998, that the operator of a website may be made responsible for web links which she created. According to the court, shared responsibility can only be ruled out if a clear denial of responsibility for external web sites is expressed. As it has no influence on the contents of the linked websites, PAN Germany herewith expresses that it is not responsible for the contents of linked websites and that it does not consider these as its own. This declaration applies to all external links and contents on PAN Germany-owned websites.


PAN Germany is attempting to offer information of sound quality to the users of its Online Information Service on Non-chemical Pest Management in the Tropics, OISAT Info. Due to the fact that pest management based on non-chemical and ecological approaches cannot be standardized because of the diversity of local factors influencing its performance, PAN Germany does not assume any responsibility for damages which may arise from the use of the information presented in OISAT Info. This covers any direct, indirect or consequential damages.

PAN Germany, however, encourages the users to test the information presented first on a small scale within their location with the aim to study the performance of the presented information under local condition and to adapt it, if necessary. This local validation should be conducted in cooperation with competent local partners.
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