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key visual: online information service for Non-chemical Pest Management in the Tropics

Use in training and extension

In general, pest management strategies, as they are promoted by the OISAT concept, require knowledge of diagnostics and monitoring of insect pests and beneficial organisms. Under different agro-ecological and weather conditions pest emergence and the controlling effect of pest management practices may vary, and thus need adaptation. Therefore, it is our approach to disseminate the use of OISAT Info in collaboration with training and extension networks, which have experience in farmer research, generating technical innovations and the adaptation of technical recommendations. In addition, we are endeavoring to offer tools for the correct diagnosis of damaging organisms by collaborating with experts in this field.

nOISAT Info, by offering a quick and focused information tool on non-chemical pest management, can contribute to help expand the opportunities for field-testing and validation of promising practices because trainers and extension workers can thus save time for information search. Under some circumstances, farmers or their sons and daughters can engage on information searching using OISAT Info.

The information provided by OISAT Info can be easily combined with other media such as printed media and rural radio. By permitting site-specific information selection which also addresses the very specific problem areas of farmers, OISAT Info supports trainers and extension workers by equipping them with the relevant materials. The information presented in the OISAT Info database together with the extended information which can be found in the fulltext documents of the library and in the external weblinks forms a comprehensive and well structured information pool for field work.
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