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key visual: online information service for Non-chemical Pest Management in the Tropics

Use of OISAT

The structure of OISAT Info is organised and programmed in such a way that the information provided forms a practical working tool for trainers, extension workers and farmers. On the horizontal navigation bar, technical information is provided and on the vertical navigation bar, information is presented on the concept and structure of OISAT Info and on how to use it.

Horizontal navigation bar

The following entry points to the pest management-related information on the are offered on the horizontal navigation bar:

Crops: With the help of a “Crop-Pest Matrix” the key pests of major crops are indicated for the different growth stages and plant parts throughout the cropping season. When clicking on the pest associated with a certain crop stage and plant part, the visitor gets to the page where the pest and its preventive and curative management is described.

Pests: A second entry point to pest management methods is through Pests. In case the visitor is not certain of the species, visual descriptions of major categories of insect pests are presented by using icons. The major pest categories we have identified are caterpillars, beetles, hoppers, soft-bodied insects, flies, termites/ants, and very small. Under the name of the category and the icon, we find the names of the pests described. When clicking on these, the description of the pest will open with a picture.

Control methods: To get information directly on a certain control method, the visitor can enter this category.

Library: In this section, direct access to full-text documents is provided. The documents are divided into user-friendly categories.

References: In this section, the external weblinks are presented using the same categories as in the Library.

Vertical navigation bar

Under this bar, OISAT Info is introduced and the term “Non-chemical Pest Management” is defined. User Assistance is being given, by outlining the structure and principles of OISAT Info. Under this point, information is also given on how OISAT can be used and on how it can be integrated into training and extension activities. With the search function, specific information can be located easily and with the help of the printmanager, specific information can be downloaded and saved so that it can be edited and put together into training material in a printed version. The international network of PAN can be accessed directly and general information on the Site is provided.
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