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Barrett, B. 2001 Least- toxic control methods to manage indoor plant pests. download 41 kb nothing 
Bissdorf, Jewel. 2003 Aphids. download 53 kb nothing 
Cranshaw, W.S. 2003 Insect control: Soaps and detergents. download 41 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Snails. download 27 kb nothing 
Evans., E. 2000 Homemade insect control. download 22 kb nothing 
HDRA 2002 Cutworms. download 19 kb nothing 
HDRA. 2000 Aphids. download 54 kb nothing 
HDRA. 2000 Diamondback moth. download 50 kb nothing 
HDRA. 2000 Garlic. download 49 kb nothing 
HDRA. 2000 Maize stalk borer. download 24 kb nothing 

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