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  Carrot fly- http:/ / www7.inra.fr/ hyppz/ RAVAGEUR/ 6psiros.htm 
  Delia platura. http:/ / www7.inra.fr/ hyppz/ RAVAGEUR/ 6delpla.htm 
  Onion fly. http:/ / www7.inra.fr/ hyppz/ RAVAGEUR/ 6delant.htm 
  Mediterranean fruit fly. http:/ / www7.inra.fr/ hyppz/ RAVAGEUR/ 6cercap.htm 
  Delia radicum. http:/ / www7.inra.fr/ hyppz/ IMAGES/ 7031590.jpg 
Barrera, Juan. Coffee pest and their management. http:/ / www2.tap-ecosur.edu.mx/ mip/ Publicaciones/ pdf/ Coffee%20pests%20and%20their%20management.pdf 
DPI&F, Queensland Government. Mango shoot caterpillar. http:/ / www2.dpi.qld.gov.au/ horticulture/ 5092.html 
Calpas, J.; Johnson, D. Grasshopper management. Agricultural Food and Rural Development. Government of Alberta. http:/ / www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/ $department/ deptdocs.nsf/ all/ agdex6463?opendocument 
Wynboer. Mealybug: Biology and control strategies. http:/ / www.wynboer.co.za/ recentarticles/ 0301mealybug.php3 
Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota. Squash bugs. http:/ / www.vegedge.umn.edu/ vegpest/ cucs/ squabug.htm 

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