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Pagewise Inc. Homemade pesticide. http:/ / wiwi.essortment.com/ homemadeorgani_renu.htm 
PACIFLY. How to make a bag? http:/ / www.spc.int/ pacifly/ Control/ Bagging2.htm 
Fourthway. How to make plant tea. http:/ / www.fourthway.co.uk/ posters/ pages/ planttea.html 
The Ohio State University. Insect and mite management alternatives. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ b504/ b504_6.html 
Ecological Agricultural Projects. Intercropping. http:/ / eap.mcgill.ca/ CSI_1.htm 
Barret, B. Least-toxic control methods to manage indoor plant pests. http:/ / muextension.missouri.edu/ xplor/ agguides/ pests/ g07273.htm 
Mizell, R. Monitoring stink bugs with the Florida stink bug trap. http:/ / ufinsect.ifas.ufl.edu/ stink_bugs/ stink_bugs.htm 
Kaufman, E. Organic seed treatment notes. http:/ / www.growseed.org/ seedtreatments.html 
Sierra Club of Canada. Pest control sprays you can make in your kitchen. http:/ / www.sierraclub.ca/ national/ programs/ health-environment/ pesticides/ non-commercial-pest-spray.pdf 
Boucher, T.; Hazzard, R.; Wick, R. Preventing bacterial diseases of vegetables with hot-water seed treatment. IPM, University of Connecticut. http:/ / www.hort.uconn.edu/ ipm/ veg/ htms/ blsponpeps.htm 

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