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Braun, M 1997 IPM in Cassava, Cereals,and Cotton, Enhancement of Beneficials and Use of Botanicals download 186 kb nothing 
Diver, S. 2002 Notes on compost teas. download 3012 kb nothing 
Garden Web 2004 What are some great natural pesticidal and fungicidal recipes? download 32 kb nothing 
IPM of Alaska. 2003 Insecticidal soaps. download 36 kb nothing 
Katembwe, M. 2004 Natural control of pests and diseases. download 0 kb nothing 
Momol, T.; Ji, P.; Jones, J.; & Olson, S. 2005 Recommended management strategies for bacterial wilt on tomato caused by Ralstonia solanacearum. download 639 kb nothing 
University of Nebraska- Lincoln 1996 Principles of pest control. download 140 kb nothing 

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