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1 2022 1 download 4 kb english 
123 0000 123 download 4 kb english 
12412 2001 124124 download 4 kb english 
4332 2023 42 download 4 kb english 
Barrett, B. 2001 Least- toxic control methods to manage indoor plant pests. download 41 kb nothing 
Bissdorf, Jewel. 2003 Aphids. download 53 kb nothing 
Boucher, J.; Durgy, R. 2003 Perimeter trap cropping works. download 30 kb nothing 
Braun, M 1997 IPM in Cassava, Cereals,and Cotton, Enhancement of Beneficials and Use of Botanicals download 186 kb nothing 
Cranshaw, W.S. 2003 Insect control: Soaps and detergents. download 41 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Cutworm. download 99 kb nothing 

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