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Bissdorf, Jewel. 2003 Aphids. download 53 kb nothing 
Boucher, J.; Durgy, R. 2003 Perimeter trap cropping works. download 30 kb nothing 
de Jesus, N. 2002 Reviving the derris production industry. download 24 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Cutworm. download 99 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 African armyworm. download 89 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 American bollworm. download 26 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Ants. download 34 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Aphids. download 29 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Diamondback moth. download 30 kb nothing 
EPOPA. 2005 Fruitflies. download 30 kb nothing 

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