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Curative control

Pest controlling plants

  1. Chinaberry
  2. Crown plant
  3. Finger euphorbia
  4. Spanish needle
  5. Tephrosia

Physical control

  1. Remove plant residues and other debris especially moist and decaying woods.
  2. Burning plant residues on top of termites' mound would suffocate them.
  3. Destroy the termites' nest, locate and kill the queen, and pour boiling water or burn dried grass straws (any plant debris) to kill the rest.
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  5. Inspect plants, especially the pruned fruit trees, from termites attack. Do this either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Remove affected plant and kill the termites, they are normally found inside the hallowed parts.
  6. For the 'worker termites', locate their soil runways/tunnels and destroy these either by hand tilling or by flooding.

Other methods

To prevent coffee trees from termites, heap wood ash around the base of a coffee trunk (UNEP/FAO, 2000)
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