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Preventive Control

Natural enemies



Management and cultural practices

  1. Plant only pests-free suckers. To make sure that you have clean suckers, peel the outer leaf sheaths to remove the eggs and larvae. Immerse these peeled suckers in hot water (52-55C) for 15-27 minutes (Gold; Messiaen, 2000) before planting.
  2. Remove dried stumps and those that are damage by wind.
  3. The adult weevils rarely fly. To prevent their continuous breeding activities, remove the plant residues after harvest away from the field. Cut these into small pieces to dry. The freshly cut pseudostem is a good breeding place for weevils.
  4. Use pseudo-stem as swine feed. Slice thinly, pound in mortar and pestle, and mix with rice or corn bran.
  5. Dig and remove infested corms. Cut them into pieces and sun dry.
  6. Remove water suckers regularly.
  7. Keep area free of weeds.
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