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Preventive Control

Natural enemies


Green tree ants (weaver ants)

Management and cultural practices

  1. A regular plucking activity helps remove mosquito bug eggs and nymphs. Pluck the shoots every 10-15 days. Removal of the damaged buds also stimulates the plants to develop more new shoots.
  2. If heavy infestation occurs, practice light or moderate pruning to limit the population of mosquito bugs.
  3. Good aeration in the field decreases the rapid multiplication of the pests. They multiply rapidly in moist and high humidity conditions.
  4. Prune regularly the shade trees to improve aeration in the field.
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  6. Regular plant monitoring. Look for eggs, nymphs, and adults on the buds or look for buds with feeding stains, blackened or shriveled. The degree of infestation and damage on the plants will provide you ideas on when and what control practices to undertake.
  7. Removal of weeds.
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