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Preventive Control

Natural enemies


  1. Braconid


  1. Damsel bug
  2. Frog
  3. Ground beetle
  4. Ground lizard


Randomly select 20 hills across the field. Count the number of nymphs and adults. Control measure is necessary when there are 5 bugs per hill.

Management and cultural practices

  1. Dry the rice field during land preparation to expose dormant black bugs to sun and other predators.
  2. Plant early maturing variety to reduce their population build-up.
  3. Remove the weeds to allow sunlight to reach the base of the plants.
  4. During early infestation, raise the field's water level for 2-3 days to force the insects to move upward for easy control and collection.
  5. Plow the field after harvest to disturb and kill the insects remaining in the field.
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