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  • Papaya
  • Pongam
  • Stemona
  • Sweet flag
  • Vitex
  • Pathogens in pest control

    Bacillus thuringiensis

    Other substances

    1. Spray plants with a fine mist of water; then dust with Diatomaceous earth (ACORN, 2004). D.E. is available at your local agricultural suppliers.
    2. Spray the crop with a sugar-water solution to attract natural enemies when the pest is active (ACORN, 2004).

    Physical control methods

    1. Handpick the larvae and egg masses.
    2. Use fine nylon nets as row covers to protect seedlings from egg-laying moths.
    3. Mass trapping of adults using pheromone trap. Buy pheromone capsule (bait) from your local agricultural suppliers. Make your own trap by using an old 1 liter plastic ice cream or plastic bottle water container. Cut 3 large holes into the sides for the insect to enter. Half-fill the bottom with soapy water. Suspend the pheromone capsule from the lid using wire then snap the trap closed. Hang or attach the trap with a bamboo or wooden stake.
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