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General Information

Common name: Corn stalk borer
Scientific name: Chilo partellus

Stalk borer species: African stem borer (Busseola fusca, B. sorghicida, Calamistis fusca, Glottula fusca, Sesamia fusca )

Host plants

Corn, sorghum, and other grasses with thick stems




Feeding damages of the larvae are holes in the leaves, holes on stalks, death of the plants' growing points, and damaged developing cob seeds.


The eggs are laid in cluster of 30-50 and are found between the leaf sheath and the stem.

The larva is pale yellow or pink in color with black spots along its body. It grows to about 4 cm long. Before pupation, the larva bores an exit hole to prepare its escape when it becomes an adult. Laval stage lasts for about 35 days or longer, depending upon the climatic condition.

The pupa is found inside the hollowed out stalk. The pupal stage lasts about 2-3 weeks.

The adult moth is brown with a wingspan of 35 mm. It is active during the night.
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