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Preventive Control

Natural enemies


  1. Braconid
  2. Trichogramma


  1. Ladybird beetle
  2. Praying mantis
  3. Spider


Monitor plants for larva's presence 2-4 weeks after sowing. Select 100 plants randomly across the field. If more than five plants are infested with stalk borer larvae (out of 100 monitored plants), then control measure is necessary (KARI, 2003).

Cultural and management practices

  1. Plant small flowering plants or herbs to attract parasitoids and other beneficial insects. The beneficial insects help lower the population of stalk borer (Braun, 1997).
  2. After a heavy infestation, clean the field with all crop residues after harvest (Braun, 1997).
  3. Plow-under plant residues to destroy and expose over-wintering larvae and pupae to sunlight and other predators.
  4. Cut corn stalks at ground level after harvest and leave to dry.
  5. Feed corn stalks to farm animals.
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