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Cassava mosaic disease

Casual organism: Virus

Host plants


Affected plant stages

Seedling to reproductive stages

Affected plant parts

All above ground parts


picture discription
Photo source: FAO

An infected leaf has white or pale-yellow or pale-green spots. It is often twisted, distorted, and stunted. The leaflets have uniformed or localized mosaic pattern. Heavily infested plant is distorted, retarded, and dwarfted.

Whiteflies are the carrier of the disease and transmission is through their feeding habits.

Conditions that favor development

  1. Whiteflies
  2. Infected planting materials
  3. Weedy fields
  4. Stressed plants

Preventive control

  1. Use of cassava resistant varieties or diseased-free planting materials
  2. Control of whiteflies
  3. Removal of infected plants
  4. Field sanitation


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