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Leaf curl virus

Geminiviridae: Begomovirus
Synonyms: Leaf curl, yellow leaf curl


Tomato, pepper, eggplant, okra, tobacco, beans, cotton, cucurbits, citrus, and other crops as secondary hosts

Affected plant stages

Seedling and vegetative stages

Affected plant parts

Whole plant


Infected plant has stunted young leaves and shoots. It grows very slowly, becomes bushy, and dwarfed. The leaf margin rolls either inward or upward and is rather stiff with yellowish margin. Its leaves are thicker than normal, with leathery texture. The young leaves have yellowish color, cupped, thick, and rubbery.

Photo source: DEFRA

On tomato, the flowers appear normal and the fruits do not show any symptom from the viral infection.

picture discription
Photo courtesy of Zhongguo Xiong

On cotton, the flowers fail to open and drop so with the bolls.

Factors that favor development

  1. Presence of whiteflies
  2. Infected transplants
  3. Weedy fields

Prevention and control

  1. Use resistant or tolerant cultivars
  2. Protect seedlings from whiteflies
  3. Use only good seeds and healthy transplants
  4. Control whiteflies
  5. Immediately remove infected-looking plants and bury them
  6. Control weeds
  7. Do not plant cotton near tomato and/or other crops susceptible to whiteflies or vice versa
  8. Plow-under all plant debris after harvest or burn them when possible
  9. Practice crop rotation by planting crops that are not susceptible to whitefly


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