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Curative Control

Plants in pest control

  1. Pongam
  2. Thundergod vine

Physical methods

  1. Detasseling
    Practice detasseling by removing the tassels from the corn plants. Remove 75% of the tassels of the total plant population before the pollen shed. Follow a 1 tasseled and 3 detasseled ratio. The first row should always be with tassels.
    Detasseling helps minimize corn borer infestation since the larva wants to stay first in the tassels before going into the ear. Get the assistance from a local agriculturist when doing this for the first time (PCARRD, 1985).
  2. Handpick eggs and larvae; then crushed them. Use a curved stick to bring the larva out of the stem.
  3. Light traps
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