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Curative Control

Pest controlling plants

  1. Custard apple
  2. Neem
  3. Tephrosia

Physical control

  1. Catch the grasshoppers early in the morning when they are less active, using a butterfly net (Hein; Campbell, 2004).
  2. Use floating row covers (fine mesh nets) to protect seedlings and valuable crops (Hein; Campbell, 2004).
  3. Yellow color attracts grasshoppers. To lure and trap them, make long sticky yellow strips (Michaels, 2001).
  4. Putting pieces of yellow plastic to float on the irrigation water, or suspending yellow plastic cups on bamboo or wooden stakes just above the water will attract grasshoppers. They will fall into the water and drown (Michaels, 2001).

Other methods

  1. Salty rice bran bait.

  2. Moisten rice bran with salty water. Grasshoppers feed on salty rice bran (Reissig; 1986: p. 117).
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